About Us

The story of Lottie & Lou...

After 6 years of staying at home looking after my boys, I was on the hunt for a challenge outside the realms of children rearing.  That challenge still defeats me on a regular basis, I needed one that I could master.   Now I have a lot less time on my hands with Lottie & Lou, but loving it all the same.

To dabble and sometime immerse myself in interior design is an exciting place for me.  I find myself pottering around many times throughout the week, moving things here or there, then back again.  I have a loose background in remodeling having rebuilt our last home and then forgetting the headaches I renovated our now home.  Our boys rooms were grannified but now they' think they're fabulous.  It gave me great pleasure bringing them some individuality, and a cool space for them to hang out in.  

My vision for Lottie & Lou is to bring to you beautiful designs, specifically those that you'd love as a little girl and cool funky design for boys.